Best Electronic Cigarette Brands – Recommended Vapor Cigarettes

Here we review the best electronic cigarette brands based on several criteria. You will find that the criteria we have used here are a bit different from what you will see elsewhere. That is because the name of this website is ‘Electronic Cigarettes and Health’ and we have given priority to the safety aspect whenever possible.

The BEST option is if you can quit smoking completely meaning you shouldn’t even smoke (vape) electric cigarettes. But if you can’t quit nicotine (yet) and want to try vapor cigarettes, it’s best that you go with a good brand from a reliable and trustworthy company that has tested their products using independent laboratories!

    • #1 Recommended Electronic Cigarette Brand

This is our number 1 recommendation for several reasons.

    • They list EIGHT certifications they have obtained from independent sources certifying their product.
      1. One is the CE certificate (aka CoC – Certificate of Conformity) which says that the product was tested by the relevant authorities and that it met EU (European Union) consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.
      2. The second is the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance).
    • They are also transparent about the ingredients in their electronic cigarettes.
    • They are a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business
    • They also offer FedEx 2nd day Free Shipping, Life Time Warranty for certain parts and a 30 day money back guarantee
    • They also offer 5% coupons and 10% off coupons (discounted prices shown in the cart)
    • Their electronic cigarettes are available in different strengths of nicotine – e.g. Strong (2.4%) – Compare to a strong cigarette, Full (1.8%) – Compare to a full flavored cigarette, Light (1.2%) – Compare to a light cigarette, Ultra Light (.6%) – Compare to an ultra light cigarette, Zero (0%) – Same great taste – with zero nicotine
    • Variety of flavors: cartridges come in Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Red Label, Tobacco Gold, Menthol Ice, Smooth Chocolate, Mocha Mist, and Vanilla Dreams
    • Long lasting battery: long battery (270 mAh/4.6 inches) lasts approximately 400 puffs per charge. That’s equivalent to about 33 tobacco cigarettes. The short battery (160 mAh/4.0 inches) lasts approximately 300 puffs per charge which is the equivalent of about 25 cigarettes
    • Kit comparison chart: They also have a variety of kits that cater to different requirements

Click Here to check out the different strengths and flavors of this safer E-cig

Does this mean that this electric cigarette brand is more trustworthy than others? Yes, I would trust an E-cig from a company that gets their vapor cigarettes tested by an independent laboratory, any day, over a company that doesn’t do so (avoids doing so)!

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I agree. Actually, I have not had a real cigarette for two weeks now thanks to using e-vapes.

I am now an evangelist for these e cigarettes. I tell everyone I meet to just
Google ‘electronic cigarette UK’ to see how well established this industry is, and how huge the range is
for these excellent products are.What really gets my goat, though, are the growing number of articles in the major press saying how bad they are.
Apparently Big Pharma – the makers of stop smoking
aids are backing an anti-evape campaign – not so much the tobacco companies (as
one might suspect) as many are investing in them. I can really appreciate the heath gains of e cigarettes.
Just FYI – that there is always some hidden agenda with big companies trying to stop electronic cigarettes .
.. our country’s masters should do a lot more to help. It makes me so pissed off.