Electronic Cigarette ‘Stops’ London-bound bus

In some parts of the world, smoking on electronic cigarettes in public is acceptable. However, that may not be the case in the USA, because a lot of people are completely unaware about the pros and cons of the vapor cigarette. London is relatively more used to these electric cigs, however, recently an odd incident took place when a passenger saw vapor coming out of another passenger’s bag. That was enough to raise a terror alert.

M6 Tollway closes on E cigarette fear

The independent reports that armed police were forced to stop a London-bound bus on the M6, purely prompted by a passenger who was traveling with his electronic cigarette. The incident, which took place in the morning of July 5th, also caused the closure of the M6 toll road. It all started when a member of the public informed the police and minutes later, armed police went on to evacuate passengers off the bus which by then was stationed close to the M6 toll plaza, at Weeford.

The road was closed from both directions for over four hours as the authorities searched through to find out the source of the scare.  A police spokesperson said they got a report that vapor was seen escaping from the bag of a traveler. Upon investigation, the so called ‘terror gadget’ turned out to be an electronic cigarette which one of the passengers was traveling with.

No danger was reported during the incident and no one was taken by the authorities for investigations as a suspect.  The police later said that while the alert was genuine by all means, most of the concerns presented were purely unfounded. The police went on to declare that there was no criminal offense whatsoever committed and that no passenger aboard the coach or any member of the public was being handled as a suspect.

The police said their foremost objective was to protect the public and passengers from any incidents of security threats, saying the situation was attended to peacefully. They encouraged members of the public to remain alert and always forward any suspicious activities that they may come across as they go about their daily businesses.

Electronic cigarettes emit flavored vapor, which users inhale to derive the smoking satisfaction. This story was published on the Mirror.

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