Electronic cigarette user tells of a curious way to end a cough

e-cigarettes stop coughIt might appear like a wish come true to most, but as Our Midland reports, for one Kelly Randles, an ex-smoker from the United States, the experience of using an alternative to smoking has ended a cough for her.

Speaking to a forum on the issue, she gave an account of how it does not require prolonged sessions at the pipe to get a clean feeling, but just a number of intermittent puffs and all becomes alright, referring to the ease of electronic cigarettes.

Another thing she says helps her along other than stopping the cough-a benefit not quite scientifically proven-is the enjoyment of the flavor. It ebbs completely after a number of inhalations and neither stains the teeth nor keeps the awful odor like tobacco does long after using it. More so, the ex-smoker now says that she does not have to come out from a busy chore to go out and take a smoking break, because for one, the vapor will not affect neighbors because of its minimalist in utility. Unlike smoke, the vapor does not affect anyone whether one does it in the interior or not.

E-cigarettes have come up the more poignant for some users such as Kelly because of the fact that they are as tiny as any filters out there and they are not addictive, since a single intermittent break for them is sufficient to keep one going for the rest of the day.

Anti-smoking advocates have been using electronic cigarettes as the nearest item they can get in the therapeutic department. One of the recent news suggests that if half of the eight million adults with an obsession for tobacco in the US would switch to the electronic equivalent, the habit would ebb and fewer deaths as a result of lung cancer would result.

There have been multiple research findings from across Europe and the US that are conflicting at best concerning the use of electronic cigarettes. One ultimatum they agree on, however, is that those that contain a little amount of nicotine for flavor, do not have permanent repercussions compared to those of tobacco. E-Cigarettes and health

There was also another incident where another user called Linda, gave a confession on a forum that quoted her as revealing how her dawn outbreak of coughs just relapsed to the background, a couple of days after she had switched to electronic cigarettes. The fact that her endemic flu seemed to go away completely within seven days gave her the impetus to continue with her reliance on the ‘e-pipes’.


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