Governor signs new law banning minors from using e-cigarettes

New law for e-cigarettesAndrew Cuomo, New York Governor, has signed into law a batch of new regulations that bans the use of electronic cigarettes among minors.  According to the new laws, any New Yorker minor particularly under the age of 18 is completely banned from ever using electronic cigarettes.

In order to ensure that the laws also protect school going children from the effects of passive smoking if present in electronic cigarettes, the laws also spell dire consequences for any individual found smoking the gadget anywhere within a restricted distance of 100 feet measured from the entrances of schools, regardless of whether private or public.

This restriction on smoking takes effect soon after implementation. The good news perhaps for adult smokers who have already found fun in e-cigs is that the new laws do not cover any residential perimeters within 100 feet from the schools. This will definitely come as palatable news for the residential occupants who cannot imagine doing without the electric stick that many a converted are claiming to be one of the best ways to quit tobacco smoking. 
Several political leaders in the US have consistently come out to cry foul over the use of electronic cigarettes among the youth. They are of the view that e-cigs are full of addictive nicotine that is threatening to get yet another generation hooked in a manner similar to what tobacco cigarettes have done to millions of people around the world. According to these leaders the gadgets are currently void of any official regulation to monitor distribution. e-cigarettes

This scenario once again extends the stage of the debate over the authenticity of electronic cigarettes and to what extent they ought to be regulated. The proponents of these gadgets who include the manufacturers themselves are of the strong opinion that the gadgets are less harmful. The opponents on the other hand majority of whom are policy makers have stood their ground, firmly glued to the believe that e-cigs could equally be harmful to the human body.

As the opposing sides take to the battle field, a large number of die heart smokers are having a field day as they find solace in e-cigs, strong in faith that this is what will finally lift them from tobacco addiction.

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