Hilary Duff ‘advised to try electronic cigarettes’

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When photos of Hilary Duff did rounds online in June, showing the actress holding onto a cigarette, the public and the media grabbed the opportunity to suggest ways the star could explore to help her quit tobacco smoking.

The story went viral largely because the actress is a recent mom, and smoking is definitely one of the ways she could quickly affect the life of the young one. But Hilary never appeared shocked by her act of ‘smoking’, a behavior that has sent online media on the attacking front-accusing her of being insensitive to the threats she may be exposing her newly borne kid to. Not to be pushed to the wall by the media, the actress fired back through Twitter and defended herself. Apparently, the star denied allegations that she was smoking, saying she was just holding the cigar for a friend!

While this incident from the star may not be so big as to roll the world to a stop, it brings out an important subject that is currently doing the rounds especially in the health industry. This relates to the issue of electronic cigarette smoking verses traditional tobacco smoking which is clearly linked to several health complications. In fact some members of the public suggested that Hilary Duff should try electronic cigarette smoking, arguing that e-cig gadgets do not bear the kind of risks that are known to rest in tobacco cigarettes.

Should she accept the advice, that is if she is a smoker at all, then Hilary will join a number of Hollywood stars who have been seen enjoying electronic cigarettes. They include Leonardo DiCaprio and Katherine Heigl. It is not official yet but there is a clear signal that celebrities may have started promoting a smoking alternative in the name of electronic cigarettes.

Some smokers have come out to confess that smoking electronic cigarettes has helped them to quit tobacco smoking which is immensely addictive and hard to put down. As the use of electronic cigarettes grows, it definitely points to a future where smokers will have more alternative options to what they have been using for generations.

Taunted as less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have generated high profile debates touching on the issue of safety. But the manufacturers of e-Cigs have firmed their standing, saying these gadgets are not harmful at all and that they have proven helpful for those struggling to quit smoking.

This news item was compiled with reference to a PRWEB news release.

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