Parts of an Electronic Cigarette – How Electric Cigarettes Work

The different parts of an electronic cigarette are largely interconnected to achieve the intended function of heating the liquid to produce the vapor that is then inhaled in the ‘smoking’ operation.  The following are the parts that work together to deliver that much sought after experience:

Electronic cigarette Cartridge

Electronic CigarettesThe cartridge is a small disposable plastic container with openings on both ends; it serves as the mouthpiece in addition to acting as the reservoir that holds the liquid to be vaporized. A user places one end of the cartridge in the mouth while the other end attaches to the heating element. Since it serves as a mouthpiece and a liquid reservoir, it must allow the liquid to pass to the heating element and equally transport the resultant vapor from the heating element to the mouth. In other words it takes the place of the filter in the traditional cigarette. The casing of the mouthpiece contains side channels that allow the vapor to pass from the heating element, around the liquid holder and finally to the mouth-end.

The Atomizer of the E-cigarette

The Atomizer is the heating element that we have been mentioning above. Its role is to vaporize the liquid, and it basically comprises of a filament and a wicking metal mesh to help draw the liquid in. The atomizer is normally placed right at the center of the rest of the components that make up the electronic cigarettes cylinder. The filament in the atomizer loses efficiency (burns out) over time due to sediment deposits, so it requires frequent replacements-making it one of the essential recurring expenses for electronic cigarette users.


The ‘electric’ Power source

Most electric cigarettes come with portable power units which are definitively essential for purposes of heating the liquid.  The Power source component is perhaps the largest in an electronic cigarette composition because it contains a collection of electronics including electronic airflow sensors in the case of automatic electronic cigarettes which enable activation by way of a breath through the device. Manual electronic cigarettes on the other hand contain a special button that activates the atomizer, and the button must be held throughout the smoking duration. Most electronic cigarettes now have a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged with a mainstream power outlet, a USB port and even a car charger.  Also contained in the power source component of the electric cigarette is a timed cutoff switch to avoid overheating. A coloured LED may also be included in the power casing to signal activation.

Liquids – with or without nicotine

The liquids are used to produce the electronic cigarette vapor and they are normally sold both as pre-filled disposable cartridges or separate bottled liquids. The bottled electronic cigarette liquids are sold under a variety of names including “e-juice”, “e-liquid” and “nicotine solution”. The contents of these liquid solutions also vary, although the common contents such as water and flavorings will always remain the same. Nicotine may also be included for purposes of nicotine replacement.

How electronic cigarettes work, in one sentence

When you suck the electronic cigarette, the atomizer is activated, it heats up the liquid that is contained in the cartridge, and the heated liquid produces a harmless vapor which is what the user will finally enjoy.

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I get those same warm and fuzzy feelings when I smoke E-cigs. So now, when people ask me, are electronic cigarettes healthy, I say for me, they are a much more healthy option than smoking real cigs. i used the revive of jasper and jasper and had a good experience with it.



Tell all you meet to just Google for e-cigarettes to see for themselves how well established this business is, and how gigantic the selection is for these fantastic products is.
What angers me, though, are the increasing number of articles in the major press saying how dreadful they are.

It seems, Big Pharma – the manufacturers of stop smoking helpers are funding an anti e-cigarette movement – less so the cigarette companies (as one might think), as these are investing in them.
I can really appreciate the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Just stating – that there is always some hidden agenda with these self-interested faceless types trying to prohibit electronic cigarettes – our country’s politicians must do a lot more to help. It makes me so cross. I just hope they don’t
pull them form the market. I have not had a cig
for 6 months now thanks to using e-vapes. I am now
a devoted fan of these electric cigs.