Rihanna advised to try electronic cigarettes

Rihanna e cigaretteMusic star Rihanna has been advised to quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. The advice came from an electronic cigarette company following media reports that the singer has been warned several times to quit smoking. The e-cig company behind the latest advice for Rihanna, is urging the star to kick out the cancer stick and find help in electric cigarettes which have been hailed by many smokers as effective alternatives for tobacco smokers.

Some of the media reports had indicated that Rihanna, of the umbrella fame, was seen smoking aboard a Yacht in St. Topez. She was reportedly taking a holiday in France together with some of her close friends. She is also said to have dined with Magic Johnson, a former NBA player. Accompanying them was Magic’s wife.

Rihanna’s advice is just one among many that have been issued with a number of leading e-cig companies and directed to smoking celebrities. The companies are telling the celebrities to think seriously about quitting the habit which is well known to cause all forms of complicated diseases. The companies are specifically warning the celebrities that no one can escape the dangers of tobacco. Even non-smokers are constantly at a risk whenever they are exposed to passive smoking.

e cigarettesThe major reason driving the stream of warnings and free advice from the companies is informed by the role played by celebrities in society. They command a huge following and are often seen by society as pace setters especially in lifestyle choices. So if a popular celebrity is seen using a certain product, their fans and followers are likely to believe in the product and quickly end up using it. The best electronic cigarette companies therefore believe that smoking celebrities should take up the role of leading the rest of society into quitting smoking and adopt safe alternatives.

Even as several stakeholders present varying views on the safety of electronic cigarettes, it is clear that it is only a matter of time before these devices take center stage in the smoking industry. A good number of smokers are already seen shifting to the vapour gadgets as a means of getting themselves out of the smoking addiction. This news item was compiled from this electronic cigarette press release.

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