Store owner optimistic about the future of electronic cigarettes

electronic cigarette storesA businessman in Batavia is expressing optimism in the future of electronic cigarettes. He says even as the authorities seem determined to discourage the sale of electronic cigarettes online, chances are high that these electronic cigarette gadgets are likely to grow big in the near future.

An article published in thebatavian quotes Mr. Russ Walker saying that electronic cigarettes will be in the best position to gain market share as more and more people get attracted to the devices that are largely viewed as the best alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking.

Electronic cigarettes produce a smoking sensation that gives smokers the same satisfaction they love to get from the smoking act. They contain a special liquid that releases a sensational vapor upon heating. The devices are dynamic enough in terms of the kind of  vapor they can produce. The liquids can contain some amounts of nicotine and be flavored to fit different needs of consumers who are increasing in numbers by the day.

According to Mr, Walker, electronic cigarettes are good alternatives for tobacco cigarettes which have been found to cause some of the most complicated human diseases due to the strong  carcinogens they release. And while Walker admits that he may not be in the best position to make positive or negative health claims about e-Cigs, he affirms that smokers are assured of no carcinogens since no combustion goes on in an electric cigarette.

A significant percentage of the people using electronic cigarettes are those who desire to abandon the tobacco smoking habit. Majority see electronic cigarettes as a good bridge they can use to detach themselves from tobacco smoking.quit tobacco smoking

The main subject of debate when it comes to electronic cigarettes stems from health concerns. Government bodies like the FDA are concerned that e-cigs may contain certain ingredients which could be harmful to human health. According to FDA, the ingredients used to produce electronic cigarettes are yet to be proven as safe through credible scientific studies and laboratory tests. But the manufacturers have protested this claim, saying e-cigarettes are great alternatives for tobacco smokers.

Everyone agrees though that electronic cigarettes should not be sold to minors and several e-cig manufacturers have been seen intensifying campaigns aimed at discouraging minors from buying electronic cigarettes.

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