Study Finds Electronic Cigarettes Not Harmful To Cardiac Health

E-Cigarettes and healthThe electronic cigarette has, since its inception, been touted as a safer alternative to its flammable cousin, the traditional tobacco stick. This claim has further been buttressed by a recent study carried out by Greek researchers at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens.

The findings in the debut clinical study by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos and his team has attracted a lot of attention by both proponents and opponents of e-smoking. “Electronic cigarettes are not a healthy habit but they are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes,” the doctor was quoted by the Fox News in its web publication. The researcher however disclaims that they are not recommending it as a healthy option but rather as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. He added that the aggravating health hazards owed to tobacco smoking, and especially its contribution to lung and heart diseases, can be significantly alleviated by substituting it with the far less harmful alternative of the e cigarette.

The SafeCig BLINK Since its development in China in 2003, this research was the first ever clinical study done to investigate the health effects of Ecigarettes on the human heart. The study set to compare cardiac functions of 20 regular but healthy smokers all between ages 25 to 45. The case study was a ‘cause and effect’ kind of test where subjects were analysed before and after a smoking session of both types of cigarettes. The results showed that tobacco exacerbated the heart function, with a rise in heart beats and consequently a rise in blood pressure. The effects on the use of E cigarette produced ‘slight’ elevation in blood pressure. As more studies are yet to be done, it is not known how the long term effects of using such devices might have on the user but for now it is only safe to report that their effects are far less harmful than those of the tobacco cigarettes.E-Cigarettes and health

Ecigs have seen a notable rise in usage as they are believed to aid in smoking cessation, among other perceived benefits. Some opponents are against this device, saying they encourage smoking by removing the ‘guilty conscience’ of health concerns and may encourage more people to take up smoking. Traditional cigarettes on the other hand have been blamed for the death of millions, with an estimated a billion deaths this century and the number one suspect in over 87% of lung cancer and cardiac diseases in the world.

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Great! thanks for all the information about electronic cigarettes! I’ve been a e-cigarette smoker for nearly a year. I honestly only cared about their taste, I always assumed they were 100% harmless. And that they were an approved way to quit smoking.

Anyways, I shall continue smoking my ecig regardless of what the FDA and everybody else has to say about it. I (or my family and friends) don’t consider myself a smoker anymore – to me that’s priceless :)